Saturday, March 14, 2020

helping alex essays

helping alex essays Hi Alex, I used to be over weight, dramatically over weight in fact, and I can easily say I understand where you are coming from. I am 16 and I decided to first do something at the age of 13, but I assure you that the younger you start the easier for you to succeed it will be. At the age of 12 I was in a size 20 (UK size) I am now in a size 10/8 (again UK size). What I did was I just cut out all the high in fat foods from my diet; I went onto things like weight watchers foods that were low in fat, and ate a sensible diet. But dieting alone wont work, you also have to exercise, but this can be done without you even realising it. Ask your friends if they want to go out to an under 18's club and dance the night away, exercising should be fun, if you want to continue, dancing for an hour will burn off more calories than you will notice, and you'll be having fun whilst doing it. And did you know that in water you will burn twice as many calories as you do on land, so why not take up wate r aerobics? You dont have to go to a gym, or anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. If you dont feel comfortable dancing in front of other people them put on your favourite music and dance the night away in the privacy of your own home, have fun, and if you follow the basic rules you wont regret a thing. But make sure you have at least 1300 calories in one day, as you are still young and still developing. Best of luck for the future all my love Shelly x ...

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